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apresentação Drew from Cape Town, South Africa

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Hello, I am new here.


Found this site on Google looking for this file. I have read the instructions to get credits but the translation to english is confusing and I am not sure what I must do to get credits.

I am an entrepreneur in the AV industry and an electronics hobbyist.


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 @lost_sock Welcome!


We note that your presentation is not complete. Thus it is not possible to activate your profile on the forum and you will not be able to take advantage of the resources that the forum offers. 

* To make your presentation correctly click on the word edit in the first message and make corrections (updates) or click on New Topic (for a new presentation) following the guidelines below: 👇👇👇

 image.pngSee how easy it is!!!

AtençaõFill in the title with: Your Name / City where you live or work / State 


> See an example:

* In Title (Your Name / City where you live or work)

In the description, answer the following questions:  
 1. How did you meet EletrônicaBR? (ex: Google or another site)
 2. What is your technical level? (Amateur, Student, Technician, Engineer, Entrepreneur)
 3. Which electronics / computer skills you have, or intend to acquire?
 4. Tell us a little about your work, experience, curriculum or something about yourself.

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