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  1. After charge port replacement, the lone microphone (for phone calls) no longer functions. I've replaced it with five mics pulled from other boards, but it just sounds like white noise every time. I have fixed this issue in many other phones before, including several of this model device, with almost no issues. I am using both preheater underneath (at 183-200C), and hot air above (250C max) for removal, and installation. Currently, I have a mic that I sliced from a donor board using a blade, and that is now curing with conductive epoxy, as I would like to rule out heat destroying the replacement mics. I am searching for the boardview to this device, as I have no idea whether another component in the circuit is the culprit, instead of the mic itself. I found the schematic here: https://eletronicabr.com/files/file/28492-moto-x-force-xt1580-xt1581-xt1585/ However, I cannot download it yet, as I am new to this forum. I would prefer a boardview to trace the pathways, but a schematic would at least help get past this point. Thank you for any assistance you can offer!
  2. I found this site on Google while searching for boardview files to find the ways of the Moto XT1585 lower mic, as it appears to have been destroyed during charge port replacement. Unfortunately, I have replaced the mic four times, with no success. I have completed this fix several times before, so I am at a loss about what to do next. I am seeking the boardview for this device, as it may assist in finding the components involved with the microphone functionality. I am currently a consumer electronics technician, and I hope to become more proficient with board-level, and chip-level, repairs. I enjoy solving problems, but this one is proving tough without the knowledge of pathways on the board. Thanks for reading!


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