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  1. @sh4d0w4224 looked. Cannot find Do you have one you can send pls
  2. Does anyone have a spare ksb for a corona they can send to me pls @sh4d0w4224 i dont have another ksb spare what else can i use or do this was working fine and ok
  3. @Neo ok thanks, i thought maybe it was easier to understand for separate posts, didnt want to confuse everyone
  4. @sh4d0w4224 voltages you asked for see pic I still think its something else as this was working perfectly
  5. @sh4d0w4224 @sh4d0w4224 i dont think it is a nand chip gone or south bridge gone i just need some help maybe mosfet or resistor or cap
  6. @sh4d0w4224 the southbridge isnt getting hot i think its just a bad trace can someone tell me where i can use an alternative point for pin 1 pls
  7. @sh4d0w4224 yes but everything was working ok and I am not getting voltage on pin 1 i dont know why all my standby voltages are ok
  8. I am on the 4gb corona I believe this is the corona V2, according to the table below ok thanks for this but could you help me for getting 3v on pin 1 please @Tanograu please can you help me more
  9. I am on the 4gb corona I believe this is the corona V2, according to the table below
  10. Hi Can some one tell me the voltage on the U1D1 pins from a working corona board please Please can some one verify what the voltage should be on pin 1 on U1D1 nand From My research U1D1, pin 1 is VDD but I am not getting any voltage I have attached image, (taken from google, not mine), highlighted in yellow is where the damage is. On pad 1 on U1D1, the top trace has been rebuilt but not voltage on the VIA (circle hole). I think I have just left with the VIA but no pad What can I do? Also the trace from pin 2 going upwards has totally gone Please can someone show where alternative points are Thanks
  11. Thanks but he is not showing voltage on U1D1 pins
  12. Hi Please can someone tell me the correct voltages i should get on the U1D1 Pads please Everyone on the forums it is different. Plese help people Thanks


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