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Registration Terms

General terms and conditions of membership and participation:

Responsibility - the EletrônicaBR forum is not responsible for the content of the messages posted by the members and will not remove them at the request of the authors, because deleting the messages arbitrarily means leaving countless topics making no sense, due to lack of original information. We may, however, change the content of the topics and messages by deleting personal information at the request of the participant.

Privacy - the EletrônicaBR forum recommends that participants avoid using their own name as their display name and seek not to disclose personal information and data in their profiles or messages so as not to lose their privacy in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The display name can be changed by the attendee once a year. The electronic forum does not store any information that identifies users, except cookies, which are used exclusively to keep the participant logged on to the forum.

Security - all messages posted in the EletrônicaBR forum have the participant's ip stored for security reasons, and can only be edited within 60 minutes of the initial posting, after that period the editing can only be done by a moderator if they consider relevant the claim of the participant (author).

Changes - the rules of the EletrônicaBR forum may be changed without prior notice and noncompliance with any rule, in an abusive manner, may lead to suspension of the right to post.

Cancellation - You can not cancel user accounts that have published posts, as this type of action will leave confusing topics with "breaks" and lack of content that may compromise the understanding of it. Instead of canceling the member's account, we can change the name, email and personal data to prevent it from being identified. Only user accounts with zero published posts that are out of activity for more than 60 days will be canceled and all user data for the posts will be removed (this action is automatically performed by the system).

Participant's rules of conduct on topics and messages:

1.1 Piracy - Messages related to the following subjects are not allowed: infringement of intellectual property (computer programs, literary, artistic or scientific works, etc.), infringement of industrial property (trademarks, patents, distribution and marketing rights, etc. ) and cybercrime (computer / server security fraud or home / business networks).

1.2 Provocations - It is not allowed to offend, provoke, threaten or irony any participant and any type of personal discussion is strictly forbidden. It is also not allowed to post messages with abusive provocation to any product or software.

1.3 Content - Low slang words are not allowed in messages posted on the forum and in private messages. Pornographic content that is illegal, repulsive, morally unacceptable, or related to politics and religion, is also prohibited.

1.4 Spammers - Sending unsolicited messages such as hoaxes, chain letters, advertisements, scams, phishing, as well as advertisements for websites, forums or blogs are not allowed.

1.5 Moderation - To prevent content from posted messages from becoming a confusing mix of fonts and colors, the EletrônicaBR forum has a series of procedures for the summary exclusion of topics, messages, signatures and avatars. Avoid writing in bright colors, bold / italic or box high, this, on the internet, means that you are hallucinated, nervous or screaming.

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By registering in the forum you will be agreeing to these terms, general conditions and rules.


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