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General Rules - EletrônicaBR

By participating in this forum you are agreeing to the rules mentioned below. The reading is the responsibility of the user, therefore, the excuse of not having read the rules, and rules of conduct, to justify any irregularity will NOT be allowed.

Welcome to the EletrônicaBR

The forun serves as a community for the exchange of ideas and experiences, where users have the goal of improving their knowledge in the most diverse areas.
Our goal is to provide a comfortable and transparent environment for this exchange of information between technicians. For this reason, the following rules were created in order to avoid misunderstandings, problems, and useless discussions.

1. Considerations

1.1. This is a private, don't public space. Its use is a privilege, not a right.
1.2. It's expressly prohibited to commercialize or republish the contents of this forum (partial or total) by any of its users.
1.3. You're responsible for all the content you post on the forum. By posting you authorize us to publicate your post in our forun.
1.4. The EletrônicaBR forun is not responsible for the content of the messages posted in its forun and therefore does not offer any guarantee for the same.
1.5. Some sub-foruns have specific rules that must be followed in the same way as these general rules.
1.6. Various contents of the EletrônicaBR forun are blocked for visitors and newbies, being released after participation.
1.7. This forun, because it contains technical content is intended only for professionals of the area.
1.8. Moderators can take whatever actions are necessary to contain fights and discussions that take place in the forun, even if they do not violate any specific rules. The EletrônicaBR forun reserves the right to remove any topic or message without any previous notification, for any reason.
1.9. Your IP address is registered during the registration and in each post made in the forum. The use of proxies to hide the ip address is not recommended and, for this reason, the EletrônicaBR forun reserves the right to ban any IP that is running open proxies.
1.10. You must create only 1 record in the forun. Additional profiles, false profiles, will be marked as duplicates and removed. If this occurs more than once, the original account may be banned. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password" function to receive a new password in your email.
1.11. A moderator's decision to delete or edit a post, even if it does not go against any of the rules outlined below, is considered correct as long as it is approved by the administration.
1.12. The rules can and will change without previous notification. The administration undertakes to record any change in the rules.

2. Behavior in the forum

2.1. The user should avoid as much as possible posting useless messages, such as "I agree", "I also think", "okay", "ok", and messages outside the topic of the proposed topic, among others. Users who post multiple messages in this pattern will be considered flooders and may have their messages deleted.
2.2. Are not allowed and subject to ban, suspension and removal of credits and signatures:
2.2.1 Offenses of any kind, low slang words, as they can be misunderstood and generate arguments.
2.2.2 Personal discussions. if they occur, will be removed immediately, and the users involved may be punished.
2.2.3 Public comments about a user's undue behavior, do not try to behave as a moderator.
2.2.4 Posting on the forum regarding any complaint related to any user or any topic of the forun, for this should be sent a message to the moderators or administration.
2.2.5 Consecutive posts or the exchange of likes in order to increase the score.
2.2.6 Contribute in an incorrect topic under the intervention of moderation.
2.2.7 Ignore corrections requested by moderation.
2.3. Use common sense in choosing formatting for messages (color, font, size, bold, italic, underline). Messages that violate this rule will be edited.
2.3.1 Avoid using a color other than the default in the text of your messages. The use of other colors, especially in whole text, makes it difficult to read and may even render it unreadable to some users, depending on monitor settings and eye problems. Use coloring and formatting features only when you want to highlight a word or part of the text, never in the whole post. Messages with the whole text in a color or formatting (bold, underline, italic and etc) other than the forum default will be edited and the formatting removed.
2.4 Messages in capital letters may be edited without prior notice. Uppercase letters are equivalent to yell and therefore are considered a lack of respect with other forum participants.
2.5. All users of this forun should be treated with respect, never disparage other users just because they know less than you.

3. Posting and banned content

3.1. Before creating a post asking for help, please read this topic carefully https://eletronicabr.com/forums/topic/15454-como-criar-alterar-e-finalizar-um-tópico/https://eletronicabr.com/forums/topic/15454-como-criar-alterar-e-finalizar-um-tópico/ Try just like them, always help other people just like you would like to be helped. Help requests that are outside this pattern can be deleted, edited, or simply ignored.
3.2. Not allowed:
3.2.1 Posting messages or creating links that contain pornography and any malicious content.
3.2.2 Any message that violates federal laws in Brazil, such as discrimination, racism, and xenophobia.
3.2.3 Put links from other forums, except to cite the source of the content disclosed.
3.3 The forum "exchange and sale of parts" (Troca e  Venda de Peças) is only for exchange or advertisements for hardware sales.
3.4 Is prohibited indications or announcements of advertisements of courses and services, as well as feedbacks from them within the EletrônicaBR forum or by means of privated messages.
3.5 Every poll topic should be communicated and released by the moderation team prior to its inclusion in the EletrônicaBR forun.
3.6 Forbidden to inform or ask about amounts charged ($ or R$) on services in the posts. Values of tools and equipments.
3.7 It is prohibited to divulge groups and social networks in the posts or private messages. Eg. facebook, twitter, whatsapp, skype and others (except when authorized by forum administration.)

4.  Downloads e Uploads

4.1 Always use the manager search before uploading to avoid duplicity.
4.2 External links for bios downloads and schematics are not allowed.
4.3 It is not allowed to send files by email, private message, or any other way than through the forum file manager.

5. About Moderation

5.1. The report button to the moderator should only be used to report messages that violate forum rules, which are in the wrong place or need moderation attention anyway.
5.2. If any member has offended you via private messages, please contact the forun moderators. Keep a copy of the message in your inbox as it will be reviewed by administration later.
5.3. Moderators can apply various penalties to users who break the rules, including pre-moderation on all postings and account suspension. If you believe you have been abused, please contact the forun admin via PM (private message)
5.4. Moderators have no obligation to respond to users queries.
5.5. A topic may be blocked by the team without notification, preventing it from receiving new messages and changes. This can be done in a definitive way, when some message (or the whole topic) goes against the rules of conduct, or temporarily for evaluation or cleaning.

6. On Infringements

6.1. Suspensions, banishment and removal of credits and signatures will be applied by the moderation team according to the levels of infraction of the user.

7. About VIP signatures

7.1. The EletrônicaBR forun reserves the right to change the fees, terms and conditions without previous notifications. All new fees will apply immediately for new subscriptions.
7.2 As a member of the EletrônicaBR, vip or not, you must follow all stipulated rules. If at any time you violate any rule of this forun may be penalized by the moderators / administrators. In the case of being suspended or banned for a violation of the rules, will not be entitled to reimbursement, but may request a re-examination of his punishment.
7.3. It will not be accepted to give up the VIP subscription after payment and approval of your access.
7.4. The EletrônicaBR forun may interrupt for an indefinite period the access for maintenance and any other reasons, including force majeure, without any kind of reimbursement of value to the user. (We'll always try to keep it working).
7.5. VIP signatures can take up to 48 hours to be confirmed with the Paypal.
7.6. The EletrônicaBR forun, may interrupt at any time the signature of the user without right to restitution of values in case of fraud detection.

For more information on VIP subscriptions CLICK HERE


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