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  1. hi ia m still looking for the boardview from this board. i have from all version the schematic already if you need it contact me. i am not able to post or get what i want here... terrible forum...
  2. Who can help me ontrack with this Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2 (rev. 2.1) Mainboard? It worked normal until one day i tried to power on and nothing? i struggled a few days before a bit with the power-on button because i build this board inside a 16900 Logic analizer. perfect board for the job. so i bought an other ( same one ) for the analizer and the first board is now on my bench , sympthon: doesn t start. i am still looking for the schematic ( hoped to find it here but i doubt) and now diagnosing with a GA-EP45-DS3P schematic which is very simular. ok what can i tell from the board status now: - with both connectors big power and 12v connected: 1 red led lights up next to the dimm. When i start with shorting the power-on pins nothing happens, No Beeps? - same sitution but now with the green/black shorted on the big power connector both (cpu & system) fans connected starts spinning, further NO beeps and the CPU stays cold.? >> i have a bios post card ( TL631 Pro -debug Diagnostic Card ) in the pci slot but i only see 3.3v and the display only show "00 00" what can be the next step to check, i guess i am missing some power rails Must all mosfet have power in this stage already? ( this stage = in standby stage)
  3. charlyd

    apresentação welkom uit vanuit nederland

    hello i introduces my self already i am an prof. electronics engineer from the netherlands
  4. hi i am looking for the boardview and schematic diagram from the Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2 (rev. 2.1 or earlier rev) board. the board doesnt power on a with the power switch but when i short the green and black on the connector it starts partly. no cpu power no beeps.. so it looks like a short or no voltage on one part of the board. my suspects are the southbridge (Intel 82801)and or ITE IR7820F can somebody help me ontrack


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