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  1. Hello ! The inverter panel of the washing machine is defective . Of the GF10NC60KD-IGBTs (6 ), 2 went short-circuited. The 33R NTC Thermistor wires are burned. The FAN1616AD33X-IC controlled power supply IC is defective. The microprocessor power supply has been shorted. What to do ? That's why I put it here, because I'm completely clueless.
  2. Necessário para reparo. Livro de serviço (?) Diagrama de fiação (?)
  3. Olá! Preciso de um diagrama de fiação para o dispositivo acima! Varga Jano
  4. Hello! Íme néhány példa a hibákra és azok kijavítására.I have an LG WD80180N washing machine which, after turning it on, prints a dE and does not close the door. I measured 78V on the wire. You probably have a panel problem. Do you have any tips for what's wrong with your window? (I once cut out a whole panel with a knife, but it's really macerious, why hurt the whole thing if a window is enough?)I advise you to open a full window next time you work. on the house! I'd do an unused solitaire in your place. Before reinserting, spray the spill area with the foil-boiling point with a light spray. I buy it on Kerekes Street. I recommend the PLASTIK-70. This can be soldered and replenishes the pouring material. I'm trying to attach photosThank you very much for the help of everyone! Looks like the cause of the problem has been found out! , which is why the foil broke in two places ... I only noticed this today. I soldered the two defective parts and the door lock and the machine start up right away! https://elektrotanya.com/content/lg-wd80180n-mosogep-de-hibakodaz-ajto-nem-zarodik#
  5. The Made in Korea washing machine has a DTC E8. A plastic window was opened on the back of the plastic molded module housing. The error was already visible. The part of the component has broken out of the solder. Suctioned tin with suction sock. Then soldered with lead containing solder tin. Washing machine repaired.
  6. "The power went out."Nutrition. IC replacement. Power .ELKO's hopesThe first photo shows that the 230Vac is fed through the foot of the heater relay (black crocodile tweezers) and the white one-way connector (red crocodile tweezers) from the DISCONNECT TRAFFIC!
  7. Nutrition. There was smoke coming from IC. "Power IC replacement. (Worth putting in.) 10uF / 450V ELKO replacement
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